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Conecting your products to more sales


About us

Worldwide Network to provide more

Our company is an international trading company focus on business.
With phisical presence in USA and Brazil and partnership in China.
We are Specialist in Market Development specially for NAFTA, MERCOSUL, CARICOM and BRICS countries.
With our market knowledge and experience we can help your company to reach more markets, enter in the right way having better results.


Our Services

Market Specialists

Market Development

Development of new international markets for your products

Product procurement

Search for products and raw materials for the most diverse industries.
Pre-shipment inspection of imported products.

Logistic Services USA

Consolidation and Desconsolidatio Hub
Export and Import Advice
Distribution Logistics
Inventory Management
E-Commerce Logistic


Our Products

International Standard Products

Agricultural Commodities

  • Rice from Mercosul, Nafta and Asia

  • Maize from Mercosul and Nafta

  • Wheat from Mercosul and Nafta

  • Fresh fruits from Chile

  • Coffee from Brazil

  • Tobacco from Brazil, India and Africa


Contact us

16831 NW 21st street suites 5-305
33028 Pembroke Pines, FL

+1 754 317 4368


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